Ice Cream Parlor

inside ice cream parlor
Hawaiian shave ice at MacDuffers
No visit to MacDuffers' would be complete without a stop into the "Old Fashioned" ice cream parlor. Decorated with an extensive collection of golf memorabilia and golf art, the parlor offers an excellent place to sit and relax and enjoy an old fashioned ice cream treat.

The Parlor Features:

Hand dipped premium ice cream
Ice Cream Sodas (made the old fashioned way)
Milk Shakes (Frappes) & Floats
Huge Banana Splits
Spritzers a specialty

Other Favoites:

Soft pretzels with mustard
Hawiian Shave Ice
Monster Floats
Weekley Specials

The Deck at MacDuffers'

The deck at MacDuffers
Enjoy your favorite ice cream and watch the two finishing holes!