Ice Cream Eating Contest Rules


-Contestants must be at least 8 years old.
-The first 10 contestants, in each category, will participate.
-Registration forms must be submitted by 2 pm on Sunday, July 17, 2016.
-Each contestant will receive a pre-measured bowl of ice cream.
-When the whistle blows, you must eat the ice cream as quickly as you can.
-You will not be allowed any other foods or beverages during the contest.
-Contestant’s who suffer a reversal of fortune and/or urges contrary to swallowing will be disqualified (and possibly laughed at).
-The “Chipmunking Rule” will be in effect, which means that all ice cream must be swallowed within 30 seconds after the buzzer sounds.
-Creative participation is strongly encouraged, but good sportsmanship is required.
-You will be disqualified should your ice cream fall off of the table.
-The winner will be the person who finishes first. In the case of a tie, contestants will be given an additional serving of ice cream.
-The ice cream must “stay down” for at least 60 seconds after the contest ends in order to be determined the winner.
-All decisions by judges are final!
-Each registrant MUST sign a liability waiver and release.


-Two different divisions: ages 8-12; 13 and over
-One winner in each division.

-The first place winner in each division will receive unlimited braggin’ rights and free ice cream at Mulligan MacDuffer Ice Cream Parlor for one year!